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Invoice Payment Automation

Outsourced accounts payable and receivable automated processing solutions by Scantech.

Invoice Payment Automation Scantech NZIs your company struggling with the following?

  • Manually processing thousands of supplier invoices or payments on a monthly basis.
  • Manually keying into your ERP system.
  • Invoices lost through paper based authorisation systems.
  • Regularly missing supplier discounts due to late payment.
  • Slow service connection due to peak delays caused by payment cycles.

If you have these or similar problems; then Scantech have the solution. Scantech can provide a fully automated outsourced solution from start to finish.

Scantech will:

  • Receive sort; batch all incoming mail according to your business rules, including electronic versions i.e. email & txt.
  • Scan- dual black and white (bi-tonal) and colour.
  • Capture – extract the data.
  • Process into our workflow (Flow Multi-node) collaboration with business rules applied.
  • Archive and store all documents electronically with full audit history for compliance and retrieval.

Providing the following business benefits:

  • Automated approval process with three way matches.
  • Process improvement without capital expenditure.
  • Improved accuracy in processing.
  • Reduced processing times.
  • Prevention of invoice loss and duplicate payments.
  • Accounts payable and receivable status instantaneously.
  • Expedite responses to queries from suppliers or customers.
  • Guaranteed results no technology or implementation risk.
  • Transparency of the Accounts Payable and receivable
  • Never misplace an item again.
  • Reporting that highlights invoices with prompt payment discounts or agreed discounts or VIP clients.

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