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Customised Solutions

Scantech along with its numerous service offerings understands that not all businesses are the same, one size fits all.

Customised Solutions with Scantech NZScantech’s business is designed around finding the right solution for each organisation. Through Scantech’s consultancy offering they provide professional and expert advice. The consultants at Scantech have widespread experience in the IT industry along with specialisation in the document digitalisation field.

Ownership of their own technology allows Scantech to provide you with a solution tailor –made allowing us to provide pricing that fits your business, which means as your business grows and changes so can the solution offering.

Any of these services could make up part of your customised solution:

  • Document digitialisation and scanning
  • Imaging and workflow SAS (software as a service).
  • Accounts payable, receivable solutions and automation.
  • Inbound mail processing services.
  • Document archiving.

Scantech will help to provide your company with a unique package around your business requirements, because at the end of the day “it’s about better business”.

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